2024 Malaga Competitions

Conditions of Play

All games will be played in line with The Laws of the Sport of Bowls (Crystal Mark Fourth Edition) which includes Bowls Spain Domestic Regulations 2022, and will be conducted under the auspices of the FAB.

The Controlling Body will be the Competition Secretary of the hosting club or their designate. Any disputes or amendments to play will be handled by the controlling body whose decision will be final.

All Competitions will be Open Knockout Format with mixed genders in a combined Singles events.
Teams events entries can be any combination of genders and Federated players can be from multiple clubs.

Entry Fees will be payable once a player or team has been included in the Draw and the €5 entry fee/person should be paid to the host club on arrival for their first game.
The Skip in a team event will be responsible for collecting and submitting the fees for their team.

Competition Draw
The host club Competition Secretary will be responsible for making the draw, generating the draw sheet and notifying the individual club Competition Secretaries of the starting times and dates for each game.
The Completed Draw and any progress updates to be sent to the FAB Malaga Website Co-ordinator.

Start Times & Playing Schedule
Players must be ready to play at the scheduled start time and should arrive in good time.
If a player or team is not present and ready to play within 30 minutes of their scheduled start time the player or team may forfeit the game.
Players may be required to play more than one game in a day.

Time restrictions or re scheduling may occur if it is deemed necessary by the Controlling Body.

Competitions covered by these General Conditions of play are:

Malaga Provincial Championship & Malaga Singles events will be played until the first player reaches 21 shots.

Malaga Provincial Championship, Summer & Australian Pairs (2-4-2), will be played with 4 bowls per player over 18 ends with a 1 end tie break if necessary.

Malaga Provincial Championship & Malaga Summer Triples will be played as 3 bowls per player over 18 ends with a 1 end tie break if necessary.

President 4s and 2 Bowl Pairs will be played with 2 bowls/player over 18 ends with a 1 end tie break if necessary.

Two trial ends will be played in all competitions on the rink used for the match.

If a team or player is required to play a team or player who has played previously on a given day they will be entitled to two additional practice ends if a rink is available that is not to be used for their match.

Clothing and Markings
All players must wear white or matching club shirts and white or black trousers, shorts or skirts and flat soled shoes.
Team members must have the same sticker on their bowls. Where two teams have a clash of stickers the second team in the draw will be required to change or remove their stickers.

Toss for the mat prior to the game and prior to any tie break if required.

Dead ends will be replayed & there will be no restrictions on visiting the head.

Replacements to the original team may be altered at any time before the start of a given discipline by informing the controlling body.
After the start of the competition if any player is ill or has a valid reason for not playing, that player may be replaced by someone who is not already playing in that discipline but only with the permission of the controlling body.
This replacement may play in any position.
If the team wins through to the next round, the replacement may continue to play.
If this replacement plays 2 games the original player cannot step back into the team except if another player needs replacing for illness or another valid reason.

If a player who has to leave the green during the course of a game due to illness or some other reasonable cause and cannot return within 10 minutes, Law 33 will apply.
A substitute may be introduced (Law 33.2 & 3) with the approval of the Umpire or Controlling Body.
The substitute must play in any position other than Skip (Law 33.4) and must not be a member of another team entered in the same discipline.
( Compliance with team attire will not be necessary for substitute in a game in progress).

Stoppage for Weather
If a game is stopped due to the rinks being unplayable and unable to be completed on a given day the result will stand if 14 or more ends have been completed.
If less than 14 ends have been completed the game will be continued from the last end completed.
Two trial ends will be played and a minimum of 8 more ends must be completed, even if this means the match is extended beyond the scheduled 18 ends.

Umpireswill be in attendance at all sessions and their decisions will be final.

The host club will be responsible for sourcing Umpires (and Markers for Singles events) from within their own membership or through the Umpire and Markers Association.

Mobile Phones must not be used on or adjacent to the green.

Smoking and Vaping restrictions imposed at the host club shall be complied with by all the players.