1. This will be an annual ‘knock-out’ competition between Club sides. Each Club may enter only one side.
The competition will be played in line with World Bowls Laws.

2. A side must consist of 2 teams of Fours, 2 teams of Triples and 2 teams of Pairs who will play 1 team of each discipline at home and away on the same day and at the same time. Each team will play 18 ends with no extra end being played if a team game is drawn.

3. The total number of shots scored by the teams playing at home, and the total number of shots scored playing away, will be added together to give the total number of shots scored by each side. The side with the highest number of shots will be the winner.

4. The top team of the 2 competing sides on the competition sheet is deemed to be the home side.

5. Before the start of the match, the side deemed to be the HOME side must nominate one discipline playing at HOME to play an extra end if the total number of shots scored by both sides, home and away, are equal. This nomination must be done prior to the score card draw taking place and their opponents will be as per the score card draw.

6. The Final will be one match and will be played on a neutral ground decided by the Controlling Body. The date will be that designated in the Calendar.

7. If a side does not have 6 teams due to unavoidable circumstances, a shot difference of +15 is awarded to the opposition (see 12(b) Penalty for Non- appearance).

8. Postponed Match
(a) A match can be postponed prior to the bowling of the first bowl by mutual agreement of the captains of both sides, on account of weather conditions and exceptional circumstances. The designated contact of each Club must advise the League Co-ordinator within 24 hours, by e-mail or telephone, of their agreement to take this action.
(b) When a match is postponed, the designated contact of the HOME side must, within 48 hours, offer the designated contact of the away side a minimum of 3 dates before the next round is due to be played.
(c) The designated contact of the AWAY side must respond within 48 hours of receipt of the offer accepting one of the dates offered.

(d) The designated contact of the HOME side is responsible for informing the League Co-ordinator of the date and time of the re-arranged match . It is recommended that the League Co-ordinator is copied on all communication covered by (b) and (c) above.

9. Game Stoppages
(a) If a match is stopped by the mutual agreement of both side Captains , it must be resumed with the score as was when the match stopped (WB Law 32).
(b) If each team in the side has completed at least 14 ends, the side captains have the option of considering Condition 8 (Abandoned Match). Note: ALL teams in the side must have reached at least 14 ends.

10. Abandoned Match
(a) A match can be abandoned after play has commenced with the mutual agreement of both side captains on account of darkness, weather conditions, or any other valid reason, providing each team in the side has completed at least 14 ends (14 ends constitutes a game). If it is agreed to abandon a match it will not be resumed, and the scores at the time of the match being abandoned, will be the final score and result. This decision of the Captains will be final and must not be reversed.
(b) If there is no agreement between the Captains, the abandoned match will be deemed to be a game stoppage and Rule 7 above will apply.
(c) If one side’s Captain abandons a match without mutual agreement, the match will be deemed to have been forfeited by that side’s Captain and the Match will be awarded to the opposing side. If, on appeal to the League Co-Ordinator, together with 2 neutral FAB Malaga Delegation Committee members, the Committee considered that the action of the side captain abandoning the match was reasonable in the circumstances, the match will be resumed in accordance with WB Law 32.

11. Substitutes
(a) In a resumed match, if any of the original players in a team is not available, one substitute will be allowed as stated in WB Law 32.4.
(b) See also Condition 13: Re-scheduled matches and eligibility players.
(c) In the side requiring a substitute, no players must be transferred from one team to another.

12. Penalty for Non-appearance
(a) If a side is not present, and ready to play, within 30 minutes atfer the scheduled start time that side will forfeit the match and the match awarded to the non-defaulting side. Relevant green fees must be paid.
(b) If a side does not have a complete side within 30 minutes of a scheduled start time, the match must continue with the complete teams present. The defaulting side will forfeit 15 shots for each team not present and the shot difference of +15 (i.e. 15-0) will be awarded to their opponents which will be the score recorded for that rink in the overall result.
(c) The remaining teams will play as normal.
(d) After all adjustments have been made, the side with the highest number of shots will be awarded the Match.
(e) In the event of a Club fielding an ineligible player in a re-scheduled fixture, the defaulting side will forfeit the same 15 shots and 12(b), 12(c) and 12(d) will apply. In the event of both Clubs fielding ineligible players on the same rink, that rink will be void and NO shots will be awarded and a 0-0 score will appear in the overall match score.

13. Re-scheduled Matches and Eligibility of Players
Any Club member participating in re-scheduled matches MUST have been a fully paid up member of the Club they are representing, and MUST have been a fully Federated Member of the FAB, on the date of the original fixture.

14. Reporting Results
The designated contact of BOTH SIDES must notify the result of the match to the League Co-ordinator, by e-mail only, within 24 hours of the match being played.
The Captain of each side must ensure the score cards contain the side names, surnames of their players and, on completion of the game, are signed by both ‘Skips’. The completed score cards must be scanned or photographed and sent electronically to the League Co-ordinator..
In a re-scheduled match please ensure the date for the original match is clearly displayed on the scorecards.