Corona Virus Restrictions
8th June - Phase 3 is Introduced
The government has announced that we will enter Phase 3 as of Monday 8th June.
This will be the final Phase before the return to what is being called “the new normal”.
Whilst the National government has set the protocols for Phase 3, they have also devolved power to the Regional governments to decide when and how Phase 3 develops and ends.
Once again there seems to be a difference between sports facilities and other facilities and there is little change to the protocols that affect us in Phase 3.
Here is what I have received so far as explicit instructions:
• Booking no longer necessary – however records of attendance must continue to be maintained.
• 50% use of the green surface up to a maximum of 20 players
(effectively we can use a maximum of 4 rinks)
• face mask not mandatory if the distance of 2 meters is maintained – for those over 70 their use is recommended at all times.
• spectators 1 every 20 meters
• Club bar remains closed, drinks must be brought from home
Effectively the rest of the protocols remain in force from Phase 2.
However, we are in a very fluid situation. The Junta de Andalucia has requested permission to allow travel between provinces.
The FAB has submitted a draft proposal to the FEB to present to the CSD. Hopefully this will allow decisions to be made at a regional level very soon.
The primary concern is that in Lawn Bowls the majority of our members are in the High Risk age bracket which the government continues to try to protect more vigorously than the general population. This may mean that restrictions for our Sport remain tighter for longer.

Update 29th May 2020 - Phase 2 to come into force on Monday 1st June
Today we received more information from Consejo Superior Deportivo (CSD) and the F.E.B.

Clubs may adopt ADDITIONAL safety measures shoud they wish to do so.
In addition to that, each Club must make a record with the date, time and name of the players that have practiced.
The person responsible for disinfecting must be equipped with a protective suit, FFP3 face mask and pressure dispenser.

Below is a translation the original document.
Download Latest Spanish Original HERE
Download Complementary Bulletin HERE

To see the translation of the Official Circular (below) click here
FAB Malaga Province Guidelines
Amended to take into account latest FEB and CSD Guidelines (28th May).
Greens to open for limited use, in line with Government, CSD and FEB guidelines. Basic sanitary requirements such as disinfecting facilities before and after use, should be done as a matter of course.
Below, items in red are part of Government guidelines.
The Owners / Committee remain responsible for ensuring regulations are met.
  • 1. Only available to Federated players from within the same Province. All participants MUST carry their Federation Licences with them when they play or practice.
  • 2. NEW: We can use 30% of the total capacity of your green. eg - 8 rink greens total capacity 8 x 8= 64, 30% = 18 people maximum. 6 rinks 6 x 8= 48, 30% = 12 people
  • 3. NEW: We can now allow up to 6 people per rink, providing social distancing is possible (2m distancing remains paramount. Those participants not delivering a bowl or controlling the head should, if necessary, step off the rink. If you cannot do this do not increase the numbers per rink or masks must be worn)
  • 4. A Booking System must be used to ensure overcrowding is avoided and to record and monitor use of the facility.
  • 5. Social Distancing to be observed at all times.
  • 6. Socialising before and after a session to be in compliance with Social Distancing regulations (i.e. outside on the terrace, 2m between people) and limited in time.
  • 7. Mats, Jacks and other bowls equipment to be disinfected at the start of each day and the end of each session. Toilets should be disinfected after each use.
  • 8. No shaking hands or close contact between players at the beginning and end of games.
  • 9. When changing ends walk on the right hand side (without stopping), 1m. from the centre line, in single file at 2m. distance.
  • 10. Jacks should be cast at least 1 m. up from the tee up to a maximum of 1m. less than full length to give room behind the mat . Players should always position themselves in such a way to maintain 2m. distance - if necessary by stepping off the rink.
  • 11. Disinfectant /hand sanitizer to be available and used at the beginning and throughout the session.
  • 12. Bowls bags and any sports equipment may not be touched or shared by anyone other than its owner.
  • 13. Use disposable towels
  • 14. Do not share water bottles or the like.
  • 15. Do not touch your face during the course of playing, or bring the bowl close to it.
  • 16. Once the game is finished, the facilities and game elements must be disinfected.
  • 17. The Clubs must appoint a coordinator whose name and contact details must be sent the General Coordinator appointed by the FEB for each specialty.
  • 18. The Club Co-ordinator will be responsible for informing the General Co-ordinator of any incidents regarding possible or confirmed cases of Covid 19 infection within their Club.
  • 19. The Club must keep a record of anyone who visits or trains at the Club, with name, date and time and contact information, in case it becomes necessary to trace anyone who has come into contact with such a case. (See Booking System)
  • 20. The person responsible for disinfecting must be equipped with a protective suit, FFP3 face mask and pressure dispenser.

FEB Additonal Notes:
1.- The Clubs must appoint a coordinator whose name and contact details they will have to send to the General Coordinator appointed by the FEB for each specialty and who is: Mr. José Miguel Nieto Ojeda (President FAB)
2.- It is recommended that all Federated athletes, trainers and auxiliary technical personnel undergo a medical examination prior to their return.
Those who have been in direct contact with those infected with Covid-19, in a period of less than 14 days immediately prior to the date on which they wish to start the training, or those who have compatible symptoms, should undergo a more exhaustive control, having to follow your doctor's instructions. In case of incidents they must inform the coordinator of their Club and the General Coordinator of their specialty.

3.- The use of gloves and masks for athletes, coaches and auxiliary technical personnel is RECOMMENDED in all cases except at the time of playing the game.

4.- If you have any questions, you can contact us through the form on the website or by email to the address

Notification of Return to Training For The Sport Of Bowls
For those Provinces that have been allowed to transition to Phase 2, the conditions are established in which professional, High Level, High Performance, national interest and federated athletes can carry out their sports activity during this phase. Both the CSD and the FEB aim to promote the reactivation of Bowling while maintaining health security, activating the measures that guarantee the lowest risk in the development of our federated sport, mitigating the appearance of new cases and their spread. (FAB Website can be viewed here)


On May 16, Order SND / 414/2020 was published to relax certain national restrictions established after the declaration of the state of alarm in application of Phase 2 of the Plan for the transition to a new normality.
In the field of sport, the conditions under which professional and federated sports activities must be carried out are established, both for basic training in federated non-professional leagues and for total training in professional leagues. Likewise, the criteria and conditions for the resumption of professional leagues and for the reopening of indoor sports facilities and swimming pools for sports use are established, requiring prior appointment and establishment of time shifts in order to avoid crowds, thus such as compliance with the necessary hygiene and protection measures.
On the other hand, and dated today, May 20, 2020, the SND / 422/2020 Order of May 19 has been published in the BOE, which regulates the conditions for the mandatory use of a mask during the situation. of health crisis caused by COVID-19.
Reiterating again that OUR PRIORITY OBJECTIVE IS THE PROTECTION AND SAFETY OF OUR ATHLETES, we go on to extract the main news regarding our sport:

- To all those territorial units that are in PHASE 2 of de-escalation.

- It will be possible to proceed to the opening of the sports facilities covered for the performance of sports activities, considering as such “any sports facility, regardless of whether it is located in a closed or open area, that it is completely closed and that it has ceiling and that allows the practice of a sports modality. ”

Given the characteristics of the sport of BOWLING, the training and the practice of the game, it is always considered individual.
Both in the outdoor and indoor facilities, the limit of thirty percent of capacity for sport use (training area or game) will be respected, both in terms of access and during the practice itself, enabling an access system that prevents the accumulation of people and that complies with safety and health protection measures.
This means, in our sport, that a maximum of (5) players will be able to remain on the playing field, in training, with (1) the point guard, always without physical contact and maintaining the appropriate security and protection measures, and in in any case, the social safety distance of two meters.
In the Bowling specialty and taking into account that the facilities are not open today, the capacity will depend on the number of tracks of each Facility.
In any case, the owners of the facility must comply with the basic standards of sanitary protection of the Ministry of Health. If other activities are carried out in the sports facility, or other non-sports additional services are provided, they must comply with the specific regulations that correspond in each case.
Only a coach will be able to access with the athletes if necessary, a circumstance that must be duly accredited.

There continues to be no time restriction for training sessions, being in any case obliged to make an appointment with the managing body of the public or private facility where the training sessions are to take place.

The same prevention and hygiene measures specified in PHASE 1 continue, both for the Facilities and for athletes and technical personnel, reinforcing the measures in access controls to the facilities, so that only essential personnel access the center.
In addition, and in compliance with the provisions of Order SND / 422/2020, of May 19, the use of masks will be MANDATORY for people aged 6 years and older, as long as it is not possible to maintain an interpersonal safety distance of at least 2 meters, with the exception of those who present some type of respiratory distress that could be aggravated by its use, and those whose use is contraindicated for health reasons.
However, its use will not be MANDATORY at the time of playing the game, as long as the interpersonal safety distance of at least 2 meters is maintained.
In general, athletes may not share any material, or sports, or drinks, or food, or liniments or other products, including sanitary or first aid.

In compliance with the provisions of the CSD Health Protocol, in addition to the coordinators of each sports specialty, ESPERANZA REVERTE CRISTINO is appointed as General Coordinator.
The coordinators of each specialty must immediately inform the General Coordinator, through the email, of any incident related to the current situation derived from the pandemic, if any.
Likewise, ALEJANDRO CALLEJAS DÍAZ, with collegiate number 282864402, who has prepared a guide of SANITARY RECOMMENDATIONS AND GUIDELINES TO BE FOLLOWED IN CASE OF POSSIBLE COVID-19 (INFECTION BY CORONAVIRUS),Annexed below, is designated as Medical Coordinator.

What I communicate to you for your knowledge and effects.




Coronavirus infection (COVID-19) usually presents with symptoms common to other viral infections, with a highly variable severity from one person to another. For this reason, it is recommended that those federated who present any symptoms, go to their Primary Care physician for evaluation.

The most frequent and / or typical symptoms of COVID-19 are:
- Fever - Dry cough. - Respiratory difficulty (associated or not with exercise). - Generalized muscle or joint pain. - Loss of sense of smell and / or taste. - Lack of appetite. - Dizziness. - Headache, throat, chest or abdomen. - Variable digestive symptoms (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea ...).
These symptoms usually appear combined with each other, although the infection can initially appear with only one of them.

In the event that a federated member presents any of the mentioned symptoms, it is recommended that it be evaluated by his doctor. In the same way, it is recommended that they comply with the established isolation measures, taking into account the provisions of the different autonomies.

There are cases of asymptomatic people with the ability to transmit the virus, so it is recommended that all federated persons who have been in contact with people with confirmed COVID-19 follow the established isolation recommendations and consult your doctor in case of doubt.

The request for medical attention in the mentioned cases is the responsibility of the federated.

Likewise, in case of suspicion or confirmation of COVID-19, they must notify the Specialty Coordinator, who in turn will notify the General Coordinator and the latter to the Medical Coordinator, respecting in all cases the provisions of Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights.