Covid-19 Protocols For FAB Competitions

In line with the current Protocols for Covid-19, as outlined in the instructions received from the Junta de Andalucia, FEB, FAB and Ministry for Health, here are the Protocols that MUST be followed for the FAB Malaga Triples league this season.
These Protocols are specifically tailored to our Sport and take into account that the Membership demographic is mainly in the High Risk group.
These Protocols will remain in place until either a cure or an effective is available
It can be downloaded HERE

FAB Malaga Triples League Competition

The Competition will be held between all participating Lawn Bowls Club in the Malaga Province, in accordance to the Rules and Regulations laid down by the Provincial Delegation. Each Club MUST adhere to these Protocols if they are participating in the League Competition.

The League will be contested over two or more divisions, on a weekly basis, over 16 weeks. Each Club may enter a Side in each Division.

Each Side will consist of 12 players plus a reserve.
Each venue will be host to 24 players each week, plus a máximum of 2 reserve players, 1 Umpire. The host Club will be responsable for providing a Covid Coordinator and such support staff as may be deemed neccessary for the safe opening of the venue.

All venues are Open Air facilities.

Section ONE – The Responsibility of the Clubs.
1. The Club must ensure that the venue is thoroughly disinfected before the arrival of the competitors. This includes tables, chairs and common areas.

2. Mats, Jacks, Scoreboards, Pushers and any other common or shared equipment MUST be disinfected prior to the match.

3. Hand sanitiser should be readily available for the use of all.

4. There should be a designated area for the use of safely and hygienically storing personal bowls equipment during the event.

5. Social distancing at the bar, tables and in common areas must be at least 1.5 meters. Tables must be set out in such a way to ensure this distance is maintained when the table is occupied. A maximum of 6 people per table is recommended.

6. Sharing food (i.e. from a common plate) is NOT allowed.

7. A designated Smoking / Vaping area must ensure a distance of at least TWO meters between those partaking. If necessary this should be clearly marked within the designated area.

8. On arrival everyone must have their temperature taken. Anyone with a reading of higher than 37.5º C must NOT be allowed to enter the premises and should be advised to seek advice on testing for Covid 19.

9. On entry to the Club everyone should register their attendance, including their name, address and contact telephone number, for possible future “Track and Trace”. It is recommended that this information is collected by each Club prior to the Match. Two copies of the “League Match Attendance” form should be filled out by each Club. One copy should be given to their opposing Captain and the other kept – together with the other Club’s form - for future reference if required.

10. Maximum occupancy of the green will be 24 players or 65% of the green capacity, whichever is greater.

11. All Players must correctly wear an approved mask at all times, including when bowling on the green.

Section TWO – Playing

1. Physical contact is NOT allowed. This includes hugs, handshakes, fist bumps and elbow bumps.

2. Maintain a distance of 1.5 meters at all times. If this is not possible – for example behind the head on long Jacks, step off the green when necessary.

3. When passing over between ends, keep to the right hand side of the green. If it is required to talk to your own team when crossing over, ensure the 1.5 meter distance is maintained.

4. Ensure you make use of hand sanitiser frequently throughout the game.

5. Avoid touching other people’s bowls whenever possible. – sanitise your hands if you have to do so. This includes when marking a toucher (use spray chalk if possible), taking shots out of a measure, picking bowls out of the ditch, collecting bowls at the completion of an End. Sanitise your hands frequently!

6. Avoid passing the Mat or Jack to another player. If you have to - sanitise your hands frequently!

7. One person per rink should accept the responsibility for changing the scoreboard.

8. One person per rink should accept responsibility for using the “pusher” - it would make sense for this to be a number 2 rather than a lead as either lead may be required to be setting the Mat and Jack.

9 A Mask must be correctly worn at all times when playing. Any player NOT correctly wearing a Mask should be reminded to do so and any subsequent failure will see the player asked to leave the game and that game will be forfeited. The opposing team will receive 2 points and a shot difference of +15, or the current shot difference if that is greater.

Section THREE - Socialising

1. Avoid congregating in “choke points” – i.e. those areas where people need to pass through in order to get from one part of the Club to another (i.e. the route to the toilets or bar)

2. Keep Social distancing by at least 1.5 meters before and after the Match.

3. Follow the rules of the host Club where entry to certain areas may be restricted (e.g. Bar or restaurant)

4. Wear a Mask at all times. Do NOT take off the mask whilst sitting at a table. You can only remove a mask to take a drink or to eat food or smoking in a designated smoking area. It must be kept in place at all other times.

5. Sanitise your hands frequently!


To guarantee the continuation of the League, it must stay within the maximum health security measures, in such a way as to safeguard the health of all those involved.Non-compliance with the rules contained in this health protocol may determine the prohibition of participating in the competition or immediate expulsion from the venue or place where it takes place.