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Below we wil cover all the information in detail, translated from the official documentation, much of it repeated several times. However the important thing is what to do if there is an accident.

  1. Call the Accident Care Centre immediately - 902 10 71 20 - it is open 24 hours.
  2. They will ask for details of the injured person, the injury and the location.
  3. They will organise an amublance and doctor, arrange transportation to the nearest associated Health Centre / Hospital if neccessary.
There will be paperwork to complete and the details of how to do that are below, but the priority is always to get medical help first.

All Federated Sports in Spain are covered by Accident Insurance and members of the Federation are covered as part of their Licence.
Here is the information you need to know in the event you need to make use of that Insurance.
The original information can be found on the F.A.B. website HERE

According to Law 5/2016, of July 19, on Sports in Andalusia (boe-a-2016-ley-del-deporte-de-andalucia ):

Article 42. Health care.
1. In official sports competitions, athletes must have compulsory accident insurance that covers health care and damages derived from sports, integrated in the corresponding license.
The contracting of said insurance will be managed by the corresponding Andalusian sports federation or, where appropriate, by the competent sports administration.

2. The minimum coverage of this insurance will be determined by regulation.

3. In non-official competitions and leisure sport sports activities, the organization, on the occasion of registration in the event and by issuing the qualifying certificate for participation in them, must guarantee the means of health protection of participants and , where appropriate, spectators who provide coverage for the inherent risks and contingencies arising from the practice of the competition or sporting event, all in the terms and with the scope determined by regulation.

4. Health care derived from the general sports practice of the citizen, regardless of any organization, constitutes an ordinary provision of the corresponding public health system.

5. In the event that health care is provided by an entity other than the mandatory private insurer, the latter will be obliged to reimburse the expenses incurred for such care.

Documents to Download:
The particular clauses prevail over the general ones, so there is no age limit regarding the people covered by said insurance.

The steps to follow in the event of an accident:
protocol-and- accident form-helvetiahna2 (original Spanish)
Accident Claims (All information here on this website - in English)

The part to fill in in the event of an accident: Accident Report Form

Centers that can be used with insurance: insurance-associated-centers-in-andalucia
This is a comprehensive list, alphabetical by Province, of all the Associated Health Care Centres that are used by the Helvetia Insurance chain.


The medical assistance guaranteed in the policy will be provided by the Medical or Medical Center arranged by Helvetia through its Network Of Health Services HNA Corporate Services

The following steps must be followed in all cases:
Any claim that has not been declared and/or has not received any assistance after 30 calendar days from your date of occurrence will not be covered



The Federated injured person will be able to go to a Health Center directly, without previously informing the Centre of Claims Care. Once there use your Federation Licence and your TIE/NIE to confirm your identity.
The accident report and the emergency report must be sent by e-mail: within 72 hours of the accident occurring.

If in the case of an Emergency, the Federated member needs information about doctors for assistance to the Emergency Centre, or needs to know the nearest Associated Health Centre, you can call the Accident Care Centre '24 hours' on: 902 10 71 20 .

Once the first emergency assistance has been received, and in the event of the need of further attention, the Federated member must request a Claim number that will be provided to you during the hours of the Service Of Authorizations of the Centre of Attention of Claims, that is available from Monday to Friday, except national holidays, from 8:00 a.m. to 20:00.

In this telephone service they can inform you of the Associated Health Centres close to the accident and may activate the medical services necessary to meet the needs of the injured.

To activate any medical service you will be asked to provide:
  • Personal data of the injured, and TIE/NIE and Federation Licence Card.
  • Data of the Club or Sports Entity in which the accident happened, if applicable.
  • Date and manner of occurrence of the accident.
  • Description of physical damage.

The injured person may receive emergency medical assistance at the nearest Health Centre. In these cases Helvetia will take over payment of invoices arising from emergency assistance provided in the first 24 hours from the date of occurrence of the accident sports guaranteed in the policy. Once the threat is passed emergency assistance, the injured must be transferred to the Associated Centre / Doctor to continue treatment.

1. The Accident Report for Federations must be completed (see Accident Form). This part shall be signed and stamped by the corresponding Federation, Club or Sports Entity and by the injured.

2. The report, duly completed, shall be submitted to the Health Centre where the emergency care will be given to the Injured, to be provided with proper Health assistance. In case of not having the Form at that time it must be sent together with the emergency report by e- mail to within 72 hours from the time of the accident.

3. Remember that the REPORT must be sent by email to

1. Whether emergency or emergency assistance has been received and requires further assistance, it is mandatory to communicate the ACCIDENT to the Accident Care Centre 902 10 71 20, in the hours of the Authorization Service of that centre telephone support, which is available from Monday to Friday, except national holidays, from 8:00 to 20:00.

2. It is mandatory to communicate the ACCIDENT within 72 hours of the Accident.

3. Telephone communication shall provide:
  • Personal data of the injured.
  • Data of the Club or Sports Entity in which the sinister.
  • Date and manner of occurrence of the accident.
  • Description of physical damage.
  • TIE/NIE and the Federal license in force, as well as with the Emergency Report to the email

  • If continuity of care is required, successive visits, complementary tests, rehabilitation or any other benefit, the federated must always request authorization by calling the Claims Care Centre on 902 10 71 20, at the hours of the Authorization Service of said centre of telephone support, which is available from Monday to Friday, except national holidays, from 8:00 to 20:00.
  • When requesting authorization, the Claims Care Centre may request detailed medical reports, which you must send by email, so that they can be reviewed before issuing the Authorization.
  • Any test or treatment performed without authorization by the company must be paid by the insured.
  • After obtaining the appropriate authorization and once the report of the result of the testing or treatment, as well as successive progress reports of the patient, the Authorization Service of the Care Center Claims will facilitate authorisations to centres requested by the injured person.
  • The claims centre will indicate to the Federated member the Associated centres to which they will be able to attend, allowing the Federated member to arrange their appointments in the centre that they have chosen, indicating it to the care centre of claims, which will issue an authorization to the centre with validity of 30 days. This allows the Federated member to have margin to make your appointment at the chosen centre and you can go directly.
  • The assistance will be in the charge of the Associated clinics present in the medical table proposed by Helvetia. They will not be covered medical care in social security centres or not Associated (except vital emergencies and only up to the stabilisation allowing them to be transferred to a centre arranged by the insurer.)