Umpires and Markers Association.

Guidelines on Marking
It is very helpful when marking, to develop a pattern of actions which you use consistently. After a time, these actions form themselves into a habit and you begin to use them without thinking. What are these actions?
(Note: 1 - 8 are Guidelines, 9 & 10 are Laws)

1. Be conversant with World Bowls Laws of the Sport of Bowls Crystal Mark Third Edition. Duties of Marker Law 42.

2. Always have the following equipment before commencing to mark a match. A pen or pencil, scorecard, scorecard holder , chalk or puffer, a measure wedges and a coin.

3. Walk up the green keeping slightly to one side of the rink. As you walk, look back from time to time for the jack being delivered. Do not stop at or near the 23 metres mark. Keep walking up the green, if necessary to the ditch. The reason for this is that you could influence the length that the player on the mat delivers the jack. Remember to walk briskly, players tend to get frustrated at the sight of the marker dawdling up the green.

4. Centre the jack. Pay the player on the mat the courtesy of moving it with your hand rather than your foot. If the mat has been placed a good distance up the green, you may have to precede this by going to the ditch and from there assist the player to centre the mat.

5. Having centred the jack, take up position to the rear and slightly to one side of the jack. Always have your chalk handy. You should be close enough to observe “touchers”, and to move in to mark a “toucher” and move out quickly so that you do not interrupt the flow of the game. Mark all “touchers” immediately it comes to rest.

6. Be alert for requests for information from the players in possession of the rink . Answer any specific questions relating to the existing state of the head . Give the information clearly and with as little delay as possible . If requested clearly indicate the shot if possible.

7. When the last bowl comes to rest have a look at the head and this will give you some idea whether or not you are going to be asked to measure. If you think you are, have your measure ready. If there is no question of measuring get out your scorecard and pen in readiness for recording the result of the end. Do not move, or cause to be moved, either Jack or Bowls until each player has agreed to the number of shots.

8. Even if the result of the end is obvious, it is courteous to await the players and let them tell you. When they tell you, repeat it aloud and record it on the card. At least every other end let the players know the score.

9. When the game is finished, record the score on the scorecard, and ensure that it contains the names and signatures of the players and the time of conclusion on the game is recorded on the card and is disposed of according to the rules of the competition.

10. Remove the mat from the previous end as necessary.