President's Fours.

The President's Fours is a Knockout competition between teams of Four players in the Rinks format.
Players must be Federated and belong to the same Club. There is no restriction on gender within the team. Clubs can enter as many teams of 4 as they wish. Each team of 4 is a stand alone team.

Dates: Sunday 21st May - Wednesday 24th May 2023

Venue: La Posada and Saydo

For details of the 2022 Competition - Click Here

Fours Winners
2022 Winners - L to R: Brian Gowthorpe, Ray Fenwick, George Hamblin and Jeff Rowe

This year the President's Fours celebrates its 30th Anniversary, having started in 1993.
Bowling in Malaga has seen a lot of changes since then of course, with the relatively huge numbers of bowlers and Clubs having drastically reduced in recent years. While this was exacerbated by Brexit restrictions it was already declining. Entries to this competition in its early years was regularly 80+ teams of 4, last year it had dwindled to only 10 teams.
Entry forms are with your Clubs, and closing date for entering is 14th May

Previous Winners:
Year Winners Club
2022 Jeff Rowe, George Hamblin, Ray Fenwick, Brian Gowthorpe La Posada
2020 John Warn, Dine Warn, Susan Walker and Tom Rogers Santa Maria
2019 Nick Cummins, Allen Gateshill, Nina McKenzie, Gill Quigley Saydo
2018 Julie Banfield, Ted Holmes, Allen Gateshill and Jeff Rowe  La Posada
2017 Craig Lewis, Andy Salmon Mike Goodwin, Sandra Lewis  Santa Maria
2016 Malcolm Greenwood, Dennis King, Neil Marshall, Marie Foletti (Sandie Guthrie)   Benavista 
2015 Craig Lewis, Andy Salmon, Jeff Turner, Sandra Lewis Miraflores 
2014 Joe Stamper, John Sullivan, Jim Neilson, Juan Abeal   Benalmadena 
2013 Joe Stamper, John Sullivan, Jim Neilson, Juan Abeal   Benalmadena 
2012 Gordon Kain, Margaret Kain, Marjorie Johns, Murray JohnS Santa Maria
2011 Alan Turner, Andy Salmon, Murray Johns, Craig Lewis   Superbowl 
2010 Alan Turner, Craig Lewis, Murray Johns, Andy Salmon  Superbowl 
2009 Pam & Brian Attwood, Val & Tony Thornton  Mijas 
2008 John Owen, Craig Lewis, Shirley Owen, Andy Salmon Superbowl
2007 Nick Cole, Mike & Mary Detheridge, John Kelly   Benalmadena 
2006 Mike & Mary Detheridge, Kevin Bloe, John Kelly  Benalmadena
2005 Lynne Metcalfe, Peter Metcalfe, Peter Brookes, Marlene Brooks   Belplaya
2004 John Young, Brian Murch, Patricia Young, Pam Murch (Sally Griffith)  Santa Maria
2003  Denise Davis, Dennis Wood, Wendy Wood, John Davis   Miraflores
2002 Bob Shaw, Nancy Shaw, Bill Crookston, Simon Smeal  Santa Maria  
2001 Mike Detheridge, Kevin Bloe, John Kelly, Mary Detheridge  Superbowl
2000 Mike Detheridge, John Head, Kevin Bloe, Mary Detheridge Mijas
1999 John Young, Ron Fox, Patricia Young, David Lihou   Santa Maria
1998 Not Held 
1997 Not Held 
1996 Not Held 
1995 John Anderson, Don Fisher, Pat Fisher, Nigel Rafe Superbowl
1994 Alan Hornby, Audrey Hornby, Ron Smith, Pam Hatton Mijas
1993 John Young, Ron Fox, Terry Fox, Lily Stephen Santa Maria