4th October 2018

Commencing: 3 pm

Present: Ron Jones, Julian Thomas, Susan Walker, Gordon Adams, Paul Hughes, Margaret Kain, Craig Lewis, Carol Frost, Roberto Wright, John Wilson, Bixio Folletti, Roy Saunders, Dorothy Pilmoor, Bill Davies, David Mainwaring, Sue Mainwaring, Garry Aldridge

Apologies:- Jenny Parkin, Phil Baldry, John Carr, Jane Richardson

Ron welcomed those present and continued on with his report.


Another year has passed and a new season is upon us.
It has been a year when most things went well and a few not as well as we would have liked. As always this is a learning curve as we seek ways to improve our performance and we will continue to listen and as always we welcome suggestions - welcome even more, willing volunteers prepared to freely give their time to keep the sport we love running smoothly.

In that vein I would like to give my personal thanks to all of those who served on the Committee last year, their work is greatly appreciated. At the same time I would like to offer my thanks to those who have put themselves forward again this year. Without you little would get done.

Since last October we have seen the loss of Don Pablo Bowls Club and fear that in the coming year we may also see the loss of Benalmadena BC , more of that later. The good news is that despite rumours to the contrary I am assured that Miraflores continues to survive and thrive for at least another year.

We also see that the new Club from last year, Saydo BC, continues to grow in numbers and ability and have entered a second team in to the league. Only a couple seasons ago Santa Maria struggled to find one team and now are fielding three and Mijas could only raise one team last year and this year have again entered two. All of this, shows that talk of decline of our sport is not yet a reality.

Too, we have seen improvements in the infrastructure at Lauro, with a repaired base and a new carpet and a whole new base being laid at Mijas, who have also done a magnificent job on the improvements to their green-side facilities. Positive signs that there is investment out there.

Thanks to the ceaseless work of Phil Baldry, our Sponsorship Officer, we hope to announce a sponsorship deal for both leagues shortly and when the details are finalised we will bring them to the full committee for discussion and approval.


In addition we have launched a new website – – with a view to disseminating information quickly, more accurately and to a wider audience than just your Club Rep.
You will be able to keep up to date with changes to the Calendar, league results, forthcoming and current Federation tournaments and any new information we need to give out.
We will also give up to the minute information on Committee Meetings - agendas, minutes and points for discussion that will, of course, also be brought to you by your Club Rep.
Have a look at it, keep coming back to it and once again we will welcome suggestions for improving or adding to it.

So, inside our Province we see reasons to be cheerful and optimistic and on the outside too, things go from strength to strength with the success of Team Malaga in the first inter-provincial trophy and the continued success of individuals in the 2018 Andalucian Championships.

So, in closing, I say look forward to the coming season, be lucky as well as skilful and of course enjoy your bowling.

Julian explained the statement of accounts which were approved by all present.
There is expected to be a surplus of approximately 7,000 euros at the end of 2018 and he has asked the Club Reps to canvas their members for ideas on how to spend this money. This will be discussed further at the next executive meeting.
Copies of the Accounts will be made available to every Club but will not be posted online.

A proposal to alter the date of the Committee Nominations from September to March was introduced by Ron Jones, who felt that in trying to get a new Committee in place for the beginning of each season, it was restricting the time frame and reducing the opportunity for discussion and may be discouraging people from putting themselves forward.
The proposal was discussed at some length and with an amendement to also change the date of the AGM was approved by all present.
The date for next year's AGM is 14th March 2019 and the Committee Nomination list is to be issued 5 weeks prior to the AGM and the voting list issued 2 weeks prior to the AGM.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS: the existing committee were willing to stand for another year - and no other nominations had been received for any of the posts - so were accepted on mass.
The posts of Publicity Officer and Competition Convenor were vacant.
Craig Lewis volunteered to become Competition Convenor and all members present accepted his offer.

David Mainwaring explained briefly that 31st December 2018 is a possible closure date, depending on discussions with the Mayor of Benalmadena
They would like to continue with their ebtry to the League beyond that date and asked if the other Clubs wouls support them in trying to complete their fixtures,should closure happen.
Miraflores and Lauro have both offered their greens so Benalmadena could complete their league matches.
All present agreed this arrangement was acceptable and thanked the two clubs for their offers.

1. Gordon Kain thanked everyone for the Team Malaga support and the success they have had this last season.
2. Roberto asked why the Summer Championship fee had been reduced to 5 euros and who made the decision.
Ron said he had made the decision in an effort to attract an increased entry following last year’s disappointing showing.
Julian reported that the entry had increased from 95 to 145.
Ron said he had made the decision as the majority of the Committee were out of the country or not available during the summer months.
3. The question was raised whether Benavista were paid their 100 euro a day fee even though there had been restrictions on the availability of the green.
Ron again said he had made the decision to pay the amount previously agreed for the green – 100 euros per day or part of a day that was available for the competition.
He also said that this would be reviewed in the future and that all future Federation events would require that the green be made available for the entirety of the event, not for part days.
Any Club not able or prepared to give that committment would not be considered for future events.
He commended the Benavista team who had run the Summer Championships on behalf of the Federation and said that they had worked hard to keep the Championships running as smoothly as they had, given the changes to green availability they had been required to take into consideration.