The Pairs League.

For the 2021 /22 season there will be only 4 Clubs entering this league, as Brexit uncertainties and the COVID effect has left some Clubs unable to field more than one league team. Lauro Golf Bowls Club have been allowed to enter 2 teams in this league.

Each Side consists of 4 teams of Pairs. Scoring is 2 points for each Pair who wins, 1 point for a drawn game and a further 2 points for the overall Match score winners with again 1 point for a draw, giving a total of 10 points to play for in each Match. Each Side plays every other Side, home and away over a full season.
It starts on Friday 22nd October 2021 and finishes on the 25th February 2021.
Results and League Table can be viewed HERE

Congratulations to League Winners Lauro Mustangs

  TEAM 22-Oct 29-Oct 05-Nov 12-Nov 26-Nov
1 Mijas 4H 3A BYE 5A 2H
2 Benavista 3A BYE 5A 4H 1A
3 Lauro Mustangs 2H 1H 4A BYE 5H
4 Lauro Jaguars 1A 5H 3H 2A BYE
5 Saydo BYE 4A 2H 1H 3A
6 BYE 5A 2H 1A 3H 4A
WEEK   1 2 3 4 5
  TEAM 04 - Feb 11-Feb 18-Feb 04-Mar 11- Mar
1 Mijas 4A 3H BYE 5H 2A
2 Benavista 3H BYE 5H 4A 1H
3 Lauro Mustangs 2A 1A 4H BYE 5A
4 Lauro Jaguars 1H 5A 3A 2H BYE
5 Saydo BYE 4H 2A 1A 3H
6 BYE 5H 2A 1H 3A 4H
WEEK   6 7 8 9 10