Malaga Provincial Championships

Conditions of Play

All games will be played in line with The Laws of the Sport of Bowls (Crystal Mark Third Edition) which includes Bowls Spain Domestic Regulations 2015 will be conducted under the auspices of the FAB.

Qualifications for entry: participants must have Federation Licence and be a current member of a Federated Club in the Malaga Province at the time of Entry to the Championships.

All participants at the time of entry must ensure that they are available throughout the Championships and play when, and as required by, the Controlling Body. If a competition is extended because of adverse weather, or a competitor is involved in several semi-finals or finals or, if any competitor for any reason is unable to continue in any of the competitions, he/she must arrange a substitute/replacement or forfeit their game(s). Substitutes are not allowed in Singles.

All players in a team must belong to the same Club. All entrants must hold a valid FAB licence prior to entering.

Clubs are responsible for collecting entry fees and handing them to the Federation Treasurer before the commencement of the Championships. Any entrant whose name has gone into the draw, and subsequently does not play, is still required to pay the entry fee.

The Controlling Body will consist of Delegado, FAB Match Secretary, Umpires Association President (or representitive). Any disputes or amendments to play will be handled by the controlling body whose decision will be final.

The scheduling and, if relevant, the re-scheduling of games is entirely the responsibility of the Controlling Body. Games must not be stopped, abandoned or postponed without the express approval of the Controlling Body. For game stoppages WB Law 32 applies. The Championships will comprise Men's singles, Ladies singles, Men's pairs, Ladies Pairs, Men's Triples, Ladies Triples and Mixed Fours.

Two trial ends will be played in all competitions.

All players must wear white or club shirts and white trousers, shorts or skirts and flat soled shoes.

All team members must have the same stickers on their bowls.

Starting times and dates for each game will be published. Players must be ready to play at the scheduled start time and are requested to arrive in good time. If a player or team is not present and ready to play within 30 minutes of their scheduled start time the player or team may forfeit the game.

Time restrictions or re scheduling may be necessary if it is deemed necessary.

Dead ends will be replayed.

Players may be required to play more than one game in a day.

REPLACEMENTS - Before the start of the discipline, a team may be altered but the controlling body must be informed. After the competition has started the Controlling body can approve the introduction of a replacement player to take the place of a player who cannot play in any round after the first round (Law 55.3.3). The replacement can play in any position in the team but must not be a member of another team entered in the same discipline.

SUBSTITUTES - If a player has to leave the green during the course of a game due to illness or some other reasonable cause and cannot return within 10 minutes, Law 33 will apply. In the case of a singles game, the defaulting player will forfeit the game (Law 33.7). In the case of a team game, a substitute may be introduced (Law 33.2 & 3) with the approval of the Umpire or Controlling Body. The substitute must play in any position other than skip(Law 33.4) and must not be a member of another team entered in the same discipline. Once this substitute has played 2 games, the original player may not return to the team, (unless another member gets ill or has to withdraw for some reasonable cause.)

Umpires will be in attendance at all sessions and their decisions will be final.
Markers will be provided for all first round singles matches but all losers will be required to mark a game in the next round or find someone to do the marking for them.

MOBILE PHONES must not be used on or adjacent to the green.

DRINKS – Our suggestion is - it would be nice if LOSERS buy their opponent (and Marker) a drink after a match. (You will only do this once)

CONTACT NUMBERS in case you need to get in touch with us
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