Malaga Provincial Championships 2024

Lauro Golf Bowls Club 21st - 24th April

Congratulations to our 2024 Singles Champion Simone Morgan (Mijas Bowls Club)

2024 Champion:Simone Morgan

A mixed field of 28 players gathered at Lauro for the prestigious Provincial Singles Championships. 11 entries came from Mijas LBC, 8 from the host Club, Lauro Golf BC and the remainder from Saydo Bc and Miraflores BC.
The first day saw 24 playing in 2 sessions with several close matches - and as usual in the first round - several that were a little more one sided.

The pick of Round 2 was undoubtedly the game between veteran Pat Fisher (Mijas) and Dennis Buckman (Lauro) which saw paper thin differences in the score throught the game as first one and then the other won an end to keep the spectators guessing as to who the winner would be. Eventually Pat did enough on the 21st end - with the score 19-19 to win the game 21-19. A great game to watch.

The scores in the Quarter Finals went pretty much to form with the game of the round being an all-Lauro match between Jeff Turner and Ken Pritchard.
On paper this should have been a win for the exprienced Jeff Turner who has a host of Malaga titles to his name but Ken wasn't letting him have it all his own way.
Jeff held a narrow lead for the first 10 ends before Ken turned it around. He won 7 of the next 8 ends to race into a 19-10 lead and with momentum behind him looked a sure fire winner.
Singles is not that simple and one bad end can change the game. Jeff picked up a 4 after a loose end from Ken and went on to win 6 of the next 7 ends to bring the game level at 20-20
Someone had to win it on the 25th end and it was a superb drawn bowl from Ken that clinched the game 21-20

The Semi-Finals saw Morrow Horner (Miraflores) play Simone Morgan (Mijas) in the first game. Morrow raced to an early lead and a 10-5 lead after 9 ends.
Both players were bowling superbly and the ends really were close, high quality bowls. Simone is another highly experienced bowler having won Ladies titles galore when the Competitions were gender separated. She was certainly determined to prove she could continue her success nomatter who the opposition was.
She won 4 ends in a row - picking 10 shots in the process to change the course of the game and lead 19-13. Others might have thoguht the game won at that point but Simone has played too many tense games to think that.
Morrow was equally determined to win the game and while he may be new to the Malaga province he is no novice bowler. Over the next 7 ends he fought back to make it 20-20 and once again the winner of the next end would wn the match.
Simone's first bowl was right on the jack and despite his best efforts Morrow couldn't better it.
A superb game from 2 excellent bowlers.

The second Semi-Final saw Kevin Westwell against fellow Club maye Ken Pritchard. On paper Kevin was odds on favourite but Ken had played well in the previous game as the underdog and high hopes of a repeat.
Kevin didn't have it all his own way and Ken won 11 of the first 20 ends. The difference was that he was mainly picking up songle shots where Kevin was taking advantage of Ken's looser deliveries to pick up 2 or 3 onthe ends he was winning. The 21-13 scoreline was a fair representation of the difference in experience between the two players.

So to the Final where a Simone was on fire and raced to a deserved 9-0 lead. Kevin didn't look like getting back into the game and was 17-10 down after 16 ends.
As always Singles can turn on one poor end and Kevin picked up 7 shots in 3 ends to find himself unexpectedly level at 17-17. On the next end he was holding 4 when Simone delivered a saving bowl to go back in the lead 18-17.
The 21st end was Kevin faced with a tricky decision with a tight measure for shot which he thought he held and the option of taking out Simone's bowls to pick up a 3 or even a match winning 4. Almost everyone watching felt sure he would take on the shot - across the head with a yard of extra weight, something he normally does well. Instead he opted to go for the measure and didn't play his final bowl. His judgement was good and he again tied the game 18-18
Electing to play a short jack length he found himself 2 shots down and at 20-18 Simone just needed one on the next end to win.
What proved to be a final end was probably the worst of the game. Both players bowled short with most of their woods, tight with those that were up and Simone's winner was a yard narrow but still close enough to be the winner.

Congratulations to Simone for an exellent performance and deserved title.

Miajs Lawn Bowls Club 14th - 17th April

2024 Pairs Winners
2024 Pairs Winners
Ian Patterson and Mary Dethridge

Twenty teams entered the FAB Open Pairs Competition held from 14th - 17th April 2024 at Mijas LBC and all six FAB Malaga Delegation clubs were represented. The early rounds were played in perfect conditions.

In the morning semis we were treated to good play from all four pairs. Three Mijas and a Lauro team were involved in the semi finals.

Ian Patterson and Mary Detheridge started strongly against Paul Hughes and Kevin Westwell (Lauro) taking a 9-0 lead after 6 ends with Ian pulling off a couple of large conversion shots when Mary was unable to win the battle of the leads.
The Lauro pair won 3 ends taking four shots in each of those ends, but were never able to close the gap to less than 4 shots and eventually had to concede the match in the 17th end to set up an all Mijas Final.

Lynda and Alan Robertson took a 6-0 lead after 3 ends against Tommy and Bente Dahlgren in the all Mijas tie, but were pulled back and the lead was cut to a single shot by the half way stage.
Bente and Tommy Dahlgren were never able to get in front and the deficit was kept at three shots throughout most of the game.
The final score being 17-14 in favour of Alan and Lynda.

The all Mijas final was keenly contested by the leads and skips in a tricky cross wind through out.
The lead changed six times during the game and the holding shot moving between the competitors.
The game was all square after the 9th and 15th end before Ian played a brilliant conversion shot to take 3 in the 16th end which proved decisive.
The Robertsons picked up a single in the 17th end to close the gap to 2 and then Alan just missed a conversion shot of his own in the final end which could have won the game.
Ian and Mary picked up a single to round off the week with a 16-13 win.

Congratulations to Ian Patterson and Mary Detheridge for their excellent performance through out the Competition

report and photos John Wilson (Mijas Bowls Club)

Lauro Golf Bowls Club 7th - 10th April


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Triples Champions
Congratulations to the 2024 Champions
John Wilson, Bill Neal and Juan Abeal.

16 Teams entered the Open Triples for the 2024 Championships, with teams being all men, all women or mixed gender for the first time in this discipline. The opening round saw all combinations on offer
The very experienced all women team of Simone Morgan, Mary Dethridge and Pat Fisher (Mijas) - Champions all - played newcomers to the Malaga Provincial Championships - but certainly not new bowlers - Morrow Horner, playing alongside Brian and Shona Robson (Miraflores). A tense and exciting game saw the Mijas team fight back to tie the game 18-18 to force an extra end. An excellent bowl from Morrow proving the vital difference and progrees to round 2.(19-18).
Other close results saw Lauro's Trevor Burgin - playing with 2 new bowlers Andy Moffat and Monica Toyama - edge out their fellow Club bowlers Phil and Hazel Guttridge and Graham Pyewell 17-16.
Probably the shock of the round was the defeat of last year's Champions Kevin Westwell, Paul Hughes and Jeff Turner (Lauro) who were well beaten and outbowled by the strong La Posada team of Andy Woodings, Martin Sheehy and Ray Fenwick.

The Quarter Finals produced 4 one-sided games with a couple of them not going the full distance as the 4 winning teams proved simply too strong for their opposition on the day.

Both Semi-Finals provided edge of the seat excitement for the spectators.
In the first Miraflores Triple of Shona and Brian Robson faced the Mijas Triple of Juan Abeal, Bill Neal and John Wilson in a game that had a high level os skill from everyone and lived up to the expectations raised by both teams in the previous rounds.
In the end it was the Mijas team who held on to win 16-15 in a game where the lead changed almost end by end.

The second Semi-Final saw Ray Fenwick,Martin Sheehy and Andy Woodings from La Posada take an early lead against Lauro's Linda and Graham Jarret and Ken Pritchard.
A 6 end winning streak gave them an apparently unassailable 20-5 lead after 12 ends where the Lauro team only won 2 ends in those 12.
However Lauro scored 10 shots in the next 5 ends with momentum on their side at 20-15 going into the 17th end and La Posada looking shell shocked.
Lauro were holding another 3 when an excellent final bowl from Andy trailed the jack to give La Posada shot and a 6 shot cushion going into the final end. Once again Lauro took advantage of some unusually wayward bowling to be holding 5 or 6 with each Skip having 2 bowls to play. Andy bowled and took shot, about a foot from the jack. Graham just needed to trickle the jack to be holding a possible 6 and was desprately unlucky to just slice it a few inches rather than take it cleanly and the jack nestled safely behind Andy's bowl where it remained to take the final end and the match.

We all expected a high quality Final and the players gave us just that.
All 6 players were on the top of their game and the Skips in particular played some incredible end-winning shots to keep the result in doubt until the last bowl of the last end.
The Mijas team of Juan Abeal, Bill Neal and John Wilson got off to a very strong start, racing to a 6-1 lead. La Posada’s Ray Fenwick, Martin Sheehy and Andy Woodings soon got there game together and quickly fought back to lead 8-6.
The battle of the Leads saw Ray and Juan swapping shot end after end, Martin and Bill followed up with some fantastic bowls themselves while Andy and John produced some of the finest Skip’s bowls we have seen in a Final.
The score line just kept everyone wondering. Each end saw the balance change as 6-8 bevame 8-8, 9-8, 9-9 and then on the 12th end what looked like a decisive break by Mijas when John - facing being 3 down with his last bowl trailed the jack to instead pick up a 3 and lead 12-9.
The next 6 ends saw almost every bowl change the head with tight heads and low scoring meant going in to the 17th end Mijas held a slender 14-11 lead.
John was unlucky to see a narrow bowl push an opposition bowl in for a 2nd shot and Andy’s last bowl was a perfect draew to the jack giving them a 3 shot end to bring the match level with one end to play.
Ray Fenwick’s first bowls was in the line and about a foot short of the jack and no one could get closer.
The bowls built up around the head and John tried to either turn the shot bowl out or trickle past it for shot, just missing with his first attempt.
On his second he caught the shot bowl perfectly, rolling it into the jack. While Ray’s bowl stayed with the jack as it rolled it ended up a scant couple of inches further away than a Mijas bowl.
With a wall of bowls now between him and the jack even Andy couldn’t find a way to change the head one last time and John didn’t need to deliver his final bowl.
A thrilling Final between two teams at the top of their game. Congratulations to the 2024 Champions Juan Abeal, Bill Neal and John Wilson.