2018 Summer Championships.

The Summer Championships was conceived as a pre-season tournament for those hardy souls who had braved the heat of summer. More recently it has been open to any Federated members and many who are returning to the area after spending their summer bowling elsewhere now make it a focal point for their return.
This year it was held in the beautiful setting of Benavista Lawn Bowls Club.
This year each of the disciplines was played through to its own Final.
Mixed Fours

Fours Winners
The first discipline was the Mixed Fours and after two days of competition the Final was an exciting match and a cliched "game of two halves".
Contested by two Santa Maria teams, the first few ends went to Pat Fisher, Simone Morgan, Sandie Guthgrie and their Skip Craig Lewis, who raced to anearly 12-1 lead and the talk in the crowd was of an early finish.
At 17-6 there was little sign of a turn around but a change in jack length brought immediate benefits to their opponents, June Baldry, Margaret and Gordon Kain and Tom Rogers.
Aided by an impressive "trademark" take out of an opponents bowl that had been lying second, Tom's team were suddenly right back in the game and the momentum changed,
There was a certain inevitablility as the scored grew ever closer and a final score of 26-23 completed the turnaround.


The Triples Final saw a different kind of victory. Last year's winning Skip brought a different team to the competition but brought home the trophy once again.
Veteran Malcom Greenwood was joined by Barry and Wendy Pemberton in an impressive tour de force that simply steam-rollered their opponents. The Benavista team were clinical in their finishing and even when their opponents - Santa Maria's Bill Davies, Jenny Parkin and Barbara Bartlett - held shot (and sometimes they were holding 3 or 4) Malcolm does what he seems to do all so often, and found a winning bowl. The score line of 22-6 was even more impressive as the match was conceded on the 14th end.


Santa Maria's Tom Rogers and June Baldry must have felt a shiver of reverse de ja vu as the Mixed Fours winners raced to an early lead only to find it being whittled away end after end. Their fellow Santa Maria clubmates Sandy Guthrie and Ella Moor just ran out of ends as they fought back determinedly to an 18-17 defeat.

Ladies Singles

Lauro Golf Bowls Club's Angie Holt and her opponent, former Clubmate and now Santa Maria's June Baldry, were no strangers to meeting in competitions over the years. June was part of the winnng Mixed Fours and Pairs teams and bowled very well in this match too.
On this occasion Angie simply bowled that little bit better throughout the game to take a deserved 21-6 victory.

Men's Singles

Benavista's Mike Old is a very experienced singles player and many of the spectators must have been expecting him to win against a relatively unknown Kevin Westwell from Lauro Golf Bowls Club.
Kevin has something of a reputation at his home Club of being a Singles specialist and his perfomance in this Tournamnet will only enhance that. He bowled very consistently to take an impressive victory against a bowler of Mike's stature and at 21-7 the score did not flatter him.
On this showing Kevin will be featuring in a lot more singles finals this year.