The Triples League.

The Triples League
Each Club can enter ONE Side and plays a home and away fixture with every other Side in the League.
This year there are 7 Clubs entering.
Each Side consists of 4 rinks of Triples. Scoring is 2 points for each Triple who wins, 1 point for a drawn game and a further 2 points for the overall Match score winners with again 1 point for a draw, giving a total of 10 points to play for in each Match. Each Side plays every other Side, home and away over a full season.
It starts on Friday 22nd October 2021 and finishes on the 11th March 2022.
Results and League Table can be viewed HERE

Due to a COVID incident the Week 5 Round has been changed from 19th November to the 26th November and all subsequent Rounds also put back one week.
The Inter-Provincial Match between Malaga and Almeria has had to be brought forward to Friday 24th February so the League will now finish on 25th March 2022

  TEAM 22-Oct 29-Oct 05-Nov 12-Nov 26-Nov 03 - Dec 28 - Jan
1 Benavista BYE 7A 6H 5A 4H 3A 2H
2 Santa Maria 7H 6A 5H 4A 3H BYE 1A
3 Lauro 6H 5A 4H BYE 2A 1H 7A
4 La Posada 5H BYE 3A 2H 1A 7H 6A
5 Miraflores 4A 3H 2A 1H 7A 6H BYE
6 Mijas 3A 2H 1A 7H BYE 5A 4H
7 Saydo 2A 1H BYE 6A 5H 4A 3H
8 BYE 1A 4H 7A 3H 6A 2H 5A
  WEEK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  TEAM 04 - Feb 11-Feb 18-Feb 04- Mar 11- Mar 18-Mar 25-Mar
1 Benavista BYE 7H 6A 5H 4A 3H 2A
2 Santa Maria 7A 6H 5A 4H 3A BYE 1H
3 Lauro 6A 5H 4A BYE 2H 1A 7H
4 La Posada 5A BYE 3H 2A 1H 7A 6H
5 Miraflores 4H 3A 2H 1A 7H 6A BYE
6 Mijas 3H 2A 1H 7A BYE 5H 4A
7 Saydo 2H 1A BYE 6H 5A 4H 3A
8 BYE 1H 4A 7H 3A 6H 2A 5H
  WEEK 8 9 10 11 12 13 14