Malaga Province Representative Team.

The Malaga Province Representative Team , colloquially known as Team Malaga, is the equivalent of a UK County side. Spain is split into Autonomous regions, which in turn are split into Provinces. The region of Andalucía plays bowls in 3 of its Provinces - Almeria, Huelva and Malaga.

Malaga Trials Malaga Trials
Provincial sides can only play official Matches against other Provincial sides. This limits our Matches somewhat as currently only Almeria and one of the Valencian Provinces have Provincial Sides.

Historically we have been very proud to play “friendly” Matches against the Spanish National side for many years, to give that side some much appreciated practice. Those matches have been tough and competitive for both sides, despite the “friendly” tag.

Matches against Spain have been 10 a side (with each having a squad of 12) for both Men’s and ladies Matches but the recently inaugurated Inter-Provincial Matches were 13 a side with a squad of up to 15 bowlers, again for both Men’s and Ladies matches. Matches are held over a 2 day period, with games taking place over 4 sessions. Team Malaga hold regular selection and training sessions throughout the season.

Eligibility for Malaga Province Representative Team Selection

  • Full Membership of the FAB
  • Membership of an Affiliated Club
  • Resident in the Province for the season in which they are being considered for selection.

  • Clarification: From 2022 our season will run January - December. Candidates should be resident in Malaga Province during that period. Vacations / travel are of course permitted but the main place of Residency should be within the Province.

    Being Resident under post-Brexit regulations means having official Residency documentation - TIE or NIE with Permanent Resident status

    The Malaga Province Representative Team Manager is responsible for both the Men’s and Ladies teams, The Team Malaga Manager is an annually elected position. The Team Manager also appoints up to 3 additional Selectors to round out the selection team..

    The Almeria Province Team Manager has asked that an additional match be arranged from 2020, as his side are thoroughly enjoying the competetive matches. It has been agreed to play home and away fixtures each year.

    In addition we have begun talks at Regional Federation level to try to arrange matches against the Alicante Provincial teams from Valencia. Both Almeria and ourselves are keen to add this fixture in the future.