Malaga Province v Almeria Province
V Andalusian Inter-Provincial Championships - February 2023
Match Report

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The clashes between teams from the Provinces of Malaga and Almeria have always been closely contested. Played in 2 sessions a day over a 2 day period, the competition sees 32, 3-hour games between 14 men and 14 women from each Province battling it out for the title.
With 2 points for a win and 1 for a draw in each game, the magic number to win the Trophy outright is 33 points. In the event of both Teams having equal points the winners is the team with the better Shot difference.
In each of the previous 4 competitions the result has fallen narrowly to Malaga. The 5th Inter Provincial Championships was just as close, going all the way to wire. On the first Session of Day 1, the Men’s squad shared the points, 4-4 (68 - 66 on shots), with narrows defeat for Juan in the Singles game and one of the 4's teams countered by wins int he other 2 4's for Jeff T, Julian, Paul and Craig and Laurie, Trevor, Bill and Allen.
The Ladies squad,  however,  won 3 of their 4 games  to take a 6-2 (73-62) lead to give the Malaga team a convincing 10-6 (141-128) lead) thanks to wins by Mary (Singles) Pat, Jenny, Kathy and Barbara and Sue, Hazel, Jane and Margaret.This crucial 4 point lead was to prove decisive as the match went on.
End of session 1: Malaga 10 – 6 Almeria

The afternoon session was to prove just as tense. Again, 3 close games were decided in the final stages, the Ladies Triples, having led all through the match dropped a 4 on the 17th end to go one shot behind for the first time in the game. Fortunately Mary, Jenny and Barbara picked up a good 2 on the final end to win 15-14. Meanwhile in one of the Ladies 4's a tough encounter saw the lead change constantly throughout the game and the Almeria 4 picked up 2 on the final end to pip Kathy, Janis, Maureen and Isabel 14-15. An excellent and exciting game despite the result. Sue, Hazel, Jane and Margaret picked up another good win but Pat and Jan lost to a very good Almeria Pair to make the honours even in the Ladies games.
The Men's section saw a very good win for the Triple of Nick, Mick and Jeff R while Lauri, Trevor, Bill and Allen won their 2nd game of the day 17-13. Unexpected defeats in the pairs, Juan and John, and the other 4's game - Jeff T, Julian, Paul and Craig also saw the points shared.
Once again the session ended with the honours even.
End of session 2: Malaga 18 – 14 Almeria

Day 2 saw the fixtures reversed with the Pairs, Triples and 4’s in the morning and the Singles and 4’s in the afternoon.
The morning session saw the men's squad put in a convincing performance to win 3 of their 4 games. Laurie and Mike had a convincing 22-13 Pairs win, Jeff T, Julian, Paul and Craig were determined to avenge their unexpected defeat the day before and romped to a 30-7 victory, Nick, John, Mick and Jeff R also posted a comfortable 18-10 win - after a tough early part of the game that saw the score 6-6 at 9 ends. The only loss for the Men was a 17-18 defeat for Juan, Bill and Allen.
Wins in the Triples for Nina, Jenny and Isabel and one of the 4's , Kathy, Pat, Janis and Jan, were offset by unexpected defeats for Mary and Barbara in the Pairs and Sue, Hazel, Jane and Margaret in the other 4's.
End of session 3: Malaga 28 – 20 Almeria

The combined scores meant the Malaga team went into the final session needing only 3 wins out of the 8 games and feeling confident of retaining the Cup and the Title.
That final session did not go according to plan. Both Singles (the first games to finish) ended in narrow 21-19 defeats for Mike and Barbara. Score  28-24
Pat, Kathy, Jenny and Jan lost but this was countered by a strong win from Jeff T, Julian, Paul and Craig.. Score 30 – 26
Laurie, Juan, Bill and Allen lost but Nick, John, Mick and Jeff R won. These brought the scores to 32-28 and people were counting shot differences and looking at the last 2 Ladies 4’s both of which were very close going into the final ends.
Maureen,(replacing the injured Sue) Hazel, Jane and Margaret went into the last end with Malaga 2 shots in the lead and with the Almeria only able to take 1 shot the game was won 17-16 and Malaga retained the title. The final game to finishMary, Nina, Janis and Isabel ended in a 1 shot win to Almeria 13-14 which brought the overall Score to a familiar 34-30 win for Malaga.
Another hard fought contest and congratulations go to all of the Malaga players, commiserations to the Almeria squad who battled hard and skilfully over both days.

Final Score Malaga 34 – 30 Almeria

For those interested in such things, the Ladies won 8 of their 16 matches (16 points) and the Men won 9 matches (18 points)
A superb performance from a very committed squad of Malaga players.

The Match had started with a minutet of reflection for the death of previous Malaga Manager, David Mainwaring who had taken charge of this fixture in 2022.
Malaga Delegado, Ron Jones, who had taken over the Manager role from the current Manager, Bill Davies was unable to attend the final ceremonies and it was given to Jeff Rowe to thank Lauro Golf Bowls Club, the Umpires and Markers and of course the Almeria team. He presented the Trophy to Heather Mainwaring to accept on behalf of Malaga in memory of her late husband David.

The skill and application from both teams were much admired and the friendly spirit of the matches ensured that this competition will continue for many years to come as we all look forward to renewing the rivalry in the next Championship, to be held in Almeria in October.

Malaga Squad For Match v Almeria February 2023 - V Andalusian Inter-Provincial Championship

Men Ladies
Juan Abeal (Mijas) Pat Baker (Saydo)
Mick Ansted (La Posada) Mary Dethridge (Santa Maria)
Trevor Burgin (Lauro) Maureen Fraser (Mijas)
Nick Cummins (La Posada) Hazel Guttridge (Lauro)
Allen Gateshill (Saydo) Jan Haywood (Benavista)
Paul Hughes (Lauro) Sue Jones (Lauro)
Craig Lewis (Santa Maria) Barbara Land (Santa Maria)
Bill Neal (Mijas) Isabel McCarlie (Saydo)
Mike Old (Benavista) Nina McKenzie (Saydo)
Laurie Passman (Benavista) Kathy Middleton (Lauro)
Jeff Rowe (La Posada) Jenny Parkin (Lauro)
Julian Thomas (Lauro) Jane Richardson (Lauro)
Jeff Turner (Lauro) Janis Rowe (La Posada)
John Wilson (Mijas) Margaret Woodin (Lauro)