Umpires and Markers Association.

Supported by the FAB, The Umpires Association is an automonous governing body for the Umpires and Markers licensed to officiate in Malaga Province.
As part of the Malaga Delegation the elected head of the Association has a seat on the Executive Committee.


The 2022 Annual general Meetingof the UMA will now take place on wednesday 9th March at Lauro Golf Bowls Club.
The Agenda is set to include the election of a new Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary alongside the presentation of certificates for those recently qualified Umpires and Markers.
If you are a member of the UMA your vote and opinion matter, so please come along to the AGM.

Markers Course
There were 9 candidates who attended the Markers course run by Susan Walker and assisted by Jeff Rowe and John and Sheila Wilson.  Roy Saunders assisted during the examination.
The standard of the candidates has proved to be very high and congratulations go to Yvonne Pywell from Lauro, Mick Ansted and Ray Fenwick from La Posada, Clive Nuttall, Ian Patterson and Eoghain O Bradaigh from Mijas and Doug Hall, Julie Hall and Jack Gordon from Benavista.

The majority of the candidates are intending to continue their training and joining the Umpires course which will  take place in Jan/Feb and March 2022, run by our very knowledgeable, International Technical Officer, Gordon Adams.

I enjoyed delivering this course, although it is my last here as I am moving back to the UK, so I wish everyone good luck  and I am sure the knowledge gained will improve the quality of marking in our area.
Susan Walker

Susan's hard work and tireless support will be greatly missed. Enjoy the UK Susan, we all wish you well and continued success.

Umpires Course
There will be a new Umpires Course being run in January 2022 by Gordon Adams.
It will be held over 5 weeks
Held at both Miraflores and Mijas Bowls Clubs it will run from 20th January.
Anyone wishing to join can get more details from Gordon on

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Umpire's Exam for this Course has now been changed to Wednesday 9th March at Lauro Golf Bowls Club

The UMA holds courses and exams for both Markers and Umpires throughout the year, as well as regular meetings to engage and refresh the knowledge of current Members.

They have a duty to provide Umpires and Markers for all Federation Events as well as for Federated Tournaments run by the Clubs themselves.
All Clubs are encouraged to have their Members sign up for courses, at no charge to the Clubs or those taking the course.

Dates for the coming season's Umpires Course will soon be announced.

Congratulations to those who qualified by passing their Umpire's Exams and to those who passed their Marker's Exams in the season just finished. We look forward to seeing your new expertise on show in the coming season.

At the AGM the UMA Committee has been re-elected as follows:

  • President: Roy Saunders
  • Vice President: John Wilson
  • Secretary: Jeff Rowe
The Minutes of the AGM are online HERE.

Here is a current list of active Umpires and Markers:
Umpires: Gordon Adams, Barry Pemberton, Roy Saunders, Denis Tolfree.
Markers: Doug Hall, Julie Hall and Jack Gordon

La Posada
Umpires: Shelley Greenwood, Dennis Hughes, Jeff Rowe.
Markers: Mick Ansted, Ray Fenwick

Lauro Golf
Umpires: Gordon Bulmer, Ron Jones, Julian Thomas
Markers: Chrystal McCallum, Jane Richardson, Kristina Williams, Gareth Williams, Yvonne Pywell

Umpires: Denis Hanley
Markers: Clive Nuttall, Ian Patterson, Eoghain O Bradaigh

Markers: Bill Neil, Sheila Wilson, John Wilson

Umpires: Derek Carr, Nancy Shaw

Santa Maria
Umpires: Malcolm Farlow, Aurther Lees, Susan Walker, Dine Warn,

Markers: Robert Shurmur